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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On MLM

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Been tempted to give up on your network marketing business? Many who are tempted succumb – and leave a lot of money lying on the table. Those who resist that temptation, however, end up persevering until they more than break a profit – they actually develop that coveted residual income check.

Is a network marketing business for you?

Money isn’t the be-all-end-all of life. If you have joined an MLM company solely out of greed, you will ultimately fail. Might as well get out while you can and find out what your true purpose in life is.

On the other hand, you may have financial goals that cannot be achieved without your increasing your household income – and you don’t want the stress of taking on another job. Or, you may actually feel called to market; or at least, called to share the life-changing products that you discovered in your current company.

In such cases, I encourage you to keep on keeping on. Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

Why you are struggling

I’m going to assume, if you’re still reading, that you have either a passion for the business, strong belief in the products, and/or a desire to help other people find financial freedom and you believe network marketing is the best way. In other words, MLM is a good fit for you. But some obstacle or other is keeping you from making forward progress – in other words, your organization is not growing. Allow me to offer some possible reasons for that.

  • Your company’s products really aren’t all that great. People join because of the income potential, but aren’t motivated to keep buying or keep sharing the product because it doesn’t help them.
  • You or the people in your downline don’t understand (or perhaps don’t practice) attraction marketing. They talk to everyone in their warm market, who mostly couldn’t care less about either the products or the opportunity. When they run out of their warm market, they don’t know where to go from there.
  • You’re not teaching the people you sponsor how to sponsor new people (which might be because of the previous point).
  • Either your company or you (perhaps both) is not providing a system of sponsoring and training new distributors that is easily duplicable. Not everyone wants to throw home parties and explain the matrix on a white board, or do cold-calling in order to build their network marketing business.

Find yourself

Think carefully about the four possibilities listed above. Chances are high that at least one of them pertains to you. Figure out which obstacle is your greatest one, and take steps today to overcome it.

More than any other business model or career choice, network marketing provides the greatest time and income leverage. Are you going to drop it like a hot potato, or are you going to regroup, re-energize, and take steps in the right direction?

The choice is yours.

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