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The Ten Steps To MLM Success, Summarized

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Finally, we conclude the Ten Steps To MLM Success series! Before we say good-bye to them and move forward into the many how-to’s of business-building, I want to recap them to cement them in your mind.

Step one: Get a dream and a burning desire to fulfill it.

Remember, it can’t be all about the money. For what purpose do you want to make that extra $200 to $200,000 a month (hey, while we’re dreaming, let’s dream big!)?

You have to a have a purpose, or you’re going to quit at the first sign of trouble.

Step two: Be committed.

Commit to making the commission-qualifying purchase, even if you have yet to sponsor somebody. Commit to working at least five hours a week on the business, as well as to listening to all the company’s training.

Step three: Educate yourself.

This is one of the ten steps to MLM success that many newbies pass over. While it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to build a huge, active downline in network marketing, it does take a new skill set and new knowledge. How can you use blogging to build a business? How do you encourage the people you know to try product without earning a reputation of “one of those annoying MLM people”?

What’s so great, or unique, about the company product line? What kinds of business-related deductions can you make on your taxes?

Step four: Be consistent.

If you only work on your business sporadically, you’ll get nowhere fast. Create a business schedule and stick to it. Make a goal of communicating to several people a day about the product or business, whether belly-to-belly, on social media sites, or on your blog’s e-mail list.

Step five: Be persistent.

Most people never see any profit in their MLM business because they quit before it happens. Remember that persistence wins out in this business. It might take you six months to make six figures, or it might take you ten years.

So what if it takes you ten years? What would you be making in ten years if you didn’t work on your network marketing business?

If you’re not persistent, you’re missing a huge step in the ten steps to MLM success.

Step six: Be a product of the product.

Of course, this makes more sense when you’re talking about wellness, food, or home supplies companies.

But if you want others to get enthusiastic about your product, you need to enjoy it and have some idea about its benefits.

Step seven: Share the product and opportunity.


The big no-brainer. But a lot of MLM newbies are terrified to talk to other people about the product. Getting grounded in step six will help here. If you develop a compelling testimony for your company’s product, you will talk about it naturally without getting all nervous about it.

Step eight: Follow through and follow up.

Often, when new network marketers do manage to work up the nerve to talk to someone about the business, they lose that same nerve when it comes to following up. They don’t want their friends to tell them, “No, thanks. Even though I liked the sample, I don’t want to order.” So they avoid the rejection by not following up.

Big mistake. If you don’t follow up, you won’t make sales – and you might miss out on a future huge business builder.

Step nine: Help your new partners sponsor some people.

Don’t be a dolt and leave your new business partners in the lurch. Remember how discouraging and difficult it was for you to sponsor those first few people, and do what you can to help them.

Do three-way calls, throw a party together, teach them how to use social media.

Step ten: Repeat steps seven through nine.

Because not everyone you sponsor is going to stick around forever.


There you go! The ten steps to MLM success. Skip one, and you risk becoming a drop-out statistic. Adhere to all of them like superglue on a finger, and you won’t be able to help becoming a success story.

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