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The Ten Steps To MLM Success, Step Two

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The first of the ten steps to MLM success is to have a dream, and get a burning desire to fulfill it. Let’s dive right into the second step. That is: be committed.

In the first post in this series, I explained why not having a strong purpose for doing the business would doom you to failure. Another major reason so many people fail in network marketing is lack of commitment. Their lack of commitment may be, of course, as simple as that the company they joined is not a good fit for them. If you don’t care about the products or the company doesn’t have the greatest reputation, why should you commit?

On the other hand, many people who do like the products and have no beef with the company nevertheless fail to commit. Likely as not, when it comes down to doing the work of building an organization, it stresses them out. And who needs more stress? Or, they lose the residual income vision very quickly, and can’t see why they should keep spending $200 a month when they don’t start making any money for several months.

Whatever the reason, many would-be millionaires give up that potential because they don’t follow the second of the ten steps to MLM success – be committed.

So that begs the question: what do you commit to when you begin an MLM business?

Commit to qualifying for commissions.

Sometimes the hardest part for newbie network marketers is to shell out that extra $100 to $200 a month without seeing anything in return. But the company has set itself up as an MLM so that distributors would be able to help other distributors build a residual income.

This only happens if everyone cooperates and does their part to make the qualifying purchases every month.

Commit to do the work.

At the very least, you should carve five hours out of your week and dedicate them to building your business. Ten to fifteen will get you even faster results. Whether you want to throw home parties, sit down one-on-on with people, or use Internet Marketing to build your business, none of that can happen unless you make time for it.

Commit to company training.

This part of the ten steps to MLM success is easily blown off. But it is important. Any MLM company worth its salt is going to provide some kind of training – whether product or business-building – at least once a month. These days, the companies that are serious about helping their distributors archive conference calls and webinars in the back office (or even post them publicly on YouTube or as podcasts on publicly viewable websites).

They’re doing that to help you. They want to help you to understand the power of the products, or to help you sponsor more people. So commit to spending an hour or so each week engaging in whatever training the company puts out for its distributors.

Commit to one company –  at least for a while.

A big part of the second step of the ten steps to MLM success is committing to one company. If you’re a new network marketer, there is no better way to get overwhelmed than to sign up with two or three different MLM companies. First of all, how on earth do you expect to afford to meet the qualifying purchases for all the companies every month? Most people join MLM because they want extra money, not because they have a bunch of money burning in their pocket!

It doesn’t matter if the companies do not compete with each other in the marketplace (for example, if one is a cosmetics company and the other an energy company). They will be competing for your time.

Find a company whose product or service makes a real difference in your life. Commit to that company until you are making a solid and regular four figure income per month. At that point, you could branch out and join another company…if you want.

But a better idea would be to join a company whose compensation plan allows you to build an infinite number of matrixes, don’t you think?LINK


Be committed. Make the monthly qualifying purchase, set up a work schedule, participate in the company training, stick with one company. Follow this step of the ten steps to MLM success, and dramatically reduce your risk of becoming a drop-out statistic.

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