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The Ten Steps To MLM Success, Step Ten

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We’ve gone through nine of the ten steps to MLM success. Some of the steps are inspiring; others, perhaps a kick in the pants. One or two might have even made you tilt your head, roll your eyes, and say, “Duh! Really?”

This last step, however brief, isn’t usually obvious to new network marketers. And that is because when they view an opportunity presentation, the narrator strongly implies that they only ever have to sponsor three or four or five people, and get each of those to sponsor a few people.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. You might have earned the company’s Platinum level, but then the next month three of your personally-sponsored distributors drop out, leaving you with three people too few to earn the Platinum bonus.

The sad truth is, for reasons we’ve brushed over earlier in this series on the ten steps to MLM success, most people eventually drop out of the MLM company they join. That will probably include, at some point, the first few people you sponsor into the business. Not necessarily, but statistics are on my side when I make that claim.

That is why I include this step in the list: Repeat steps seven through nine. In other words, share the product and opportunity, follow up and follow through, and help your new business partners sponsor a few people. If you stop with your first few and never sponsor anyone else, you will probably never make that long-term residual income that lured you into network marketing in the first place.

If no one ever told you that before, you may feel very discouraged. And rightly so! The opportunity videos make building a business seem easy. You may even feel like throwing in the towel.

Let me give you a few encouraging words. First, I do know of one couple who only ever sponsored twelve people, and those twelve ended up building them a huge organization, making this couple leaders in their company and very wealthy. Most of the people they sponsored stuck with them long-term because this couple were excellent leaders.

Second, thanks to the Internet, you never have to run out of a warm market. You can indeed work only ten hours a week – sometimes even fewer – if you learn a few basic skills in Internet marketing. And I will be teaching you such skills on this blog as we go along, so no worries! Some people sponsor dozens, even hundreds of people every year because they have harnessed the power of the Internet.

Instead of being discouraged by the last of the ten steps to MLM success, be relieved to know the truth, and feel confident that you can learn to do what it takes to succeed in MLM.

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