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The Ten Steps To MLM Success, Step Six

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The ten steps to MLM success vary depending on which industry leader you talk to. But most of such lists include the one I have placed sixth: Be a product of a product.

Should you care about the product?

Before I say one more thing about this step to success, I want to address the fact that a few leaders in network marketing believe that success has nothing to do with the product. You can join a company that sells product you couldn’t care less about, and still become a millionaire.

True enough. But is that ethical? Is that right? I don’t think so.

Now, I can see how you could succeed with a company whose product revolves around practicality rather than passion. For example, being able to create cards online and send them from the website is a cool idea. But no one’s going to get excited about the “results” of the product.

And those who build an energy business sell people on the concept that, “You’re going to use it anyway, so why not use it from my company?”

When it comes to the wellness companies, though, you had better care whether the products really work. Whether they are really “safe,” or “non-toxic.”

Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s look a little bit closer at why you should “be a product of the product.”

It’s not deep. When you use the product every day, you can develop your own story about it. You develop reasons why your prospects should choose your company’s product over another.

If you need to lose weight and your company has a weight loss program, then do the program. If a particular juice is supposed to be an energy booster, take it to see if it does. Whatever.

This sixth in the ten steps to MLM success is, I admit, not at all exciting. And the fact is, some people do extremely well without any particular testimony about the company product. But many others do as well because of their own story. So I vote to leave it in my list. 😉

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