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The Ten Steps To MLM Success, Step Seven

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Be persistent. Of all the ten steps to MLM success, I would call that step the second most important one. The most important step is, well, the most important step. If you don’t do it, you will fail. No matter if you stay with the company and faithfully keep your monthly autoship for the next ten years.

It’s going to sound like a no-brainer, but it is the number one reason people drop out of network marketing before seeing much of a profit, so pay attention. Here goes:

Share the product and the opportunity.

“Duh, of course you have to share the product and opportunity if you want to make any money.”

I know that sounds intuitive, but people see the opportunity video, sign up with a company, and then…do nothing.

Why distributors do nothing

One reason people fail with this greatest of the ten steps to MLM success is that the company has a “spill” clause. That is, the people in your upline might eventually sponsor so many people that a few of them will “spill” into your downline. And as long as you’re making the monthly qualifying purchase, you get paid up to a certain amount of the commission from the organization that results from that spill.

Granted, that commission usually maxes out at around $500. After that, you have to go out and sponsor people personally if you want a bigger piece of the company pie. But some people sign up only wanting an extra $500 a month. And so they sign up and sit, hoping for spill.

Which is one reason not to join a company that allows for “spill” commissions.

Another more common reason that people sign up to be distributors of a company and then do nothing is they want to try the products for themselves, see what the company is about, before they start to share it. If they ultimately find they don’t like either the products or the company, they may, for all practical purposes, leave the organization, without actually leaving the organization.

This is not a nice thing to do. If you should find yourself in a company that you don’t like, call the corporate office and ask them to remove you from the matrix.

An even bigger problem than either of the first two combined is that the new distributor doesn’t know how to share the product or opportunity.

Offline business building

In the future, I am going to provide a lot of ideas on how you can build your MLM business online. For the moment, let me throw out some simple ways a new distributor might approach people with her business opportunity or products.

**1. The casual DVD pass.

Hand friends and family members the official company DVD – if there is one – and say, “I just found a new way to make some extra money, and I was wondering if you’d mind taking fifteen minutes to take a look at it and let me know if you know of anyone who might be interested.”

**2. Have a party.

If your company sells any kind of food product, invite a bunch of people to a party featuring those products. However, let them know up front that you are going to be mixing business with pleasure and take fifteen minutes of the party to share the new income opportunity you have discovered. Fewer people may show up, but no one will go home mad at you because they felt deceived as to why you threw the party in the first place.

**3. Do a small talk invitation.

When you engage in small talk with a new acquaintance, find out whether he likes his job and if he’s happy with the amount of free time he has. If no to either question, say, “I’m working with a successful business person [that’s your sponsor] who helps people exceed their day job incomes in just a few hours a week. If you’re interested, I’ve got a video we can watch together.”

When the person inevitably begins to ask questions, politely insist that the video will answer all his questions, and ask what time would be good for him to watch it with you.

Share the product and opportunity offline as much as you can in an organic, genuine way – without ever using pressure – and the seventh of the ten steps to MLM success might actually be fun!

One guy who is the top income earner in his company makes millions of dollar every year. Want to know why? He tries to talk to three people every single day about the opportunity. That’s close to a thousand people every year! Assuming that three percent of all the people he talks to end up signing up in his organization, he sponsors about thirty-three people a year.

I believe his conversion rate is considerably higher than the industry three percent average, however.

One online network marketer sponsors about 1200 people a year, and most of them are people she meets through online social media. Break that down – she  sponsors a hundred people every month! Why?

She shares the product and opportunity in an indirect way by getting people to sign up to her newsletter and visit her blog.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if I shouldn’t put this step of the ten steps to MLM success – share the product and opportunity – above the “get a dream” step. Because if you don’t talk about it, you will most certainly fail.

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