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The Ten Steps To MLM Success, Step One

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What are the ten steps to MLM success? It depends on who you ask, but most of the lists aren’t all the different from each other. Generally, they tell you to use the product, get training, and sponsor people. Many, however, omit the very first step which I believe is critical.

Today, I am going to elaborate on that step, and for the next nine days I am going to take you through each of the ten steps to MLM success (my version) in detail so that you can start to really absorb what growing a network marketing business is all about. But the first step may be the one you need to spend the most time on:

Get a dream, and a burning desire to achieve it.

There are three or four big reasons that people fail in MLM. One of those reasons is that they join because they see the income potential and get all excited.

Period. End of story. They don’t have a real reason to do the business. They completely miss the first step in the ten steps to MLM success.

Consider this: would you spend an extra ten to fifteen hours of work – after getting home from your day job, or while trying to take care of small children – if you didn’t have a serious reason to do so? Of course not!

And maybe you’re one of those people right now. Maybe you watched an opportunity video and got dollar signs in your eyes, but beyond that have no idea why you’re adding more work to your day. If so, take heart! The best day to develop that burning desire is the day before you signed up with the company.

The second best day is today. Keep reading, and by the end of this article the gears in your mind will be churning out possibilities!

It can’t be about just the money

Having money is not evil. Wanting more money is not evil. The problem comes in when money has you. When that happens, the wanting becomes your priority – above your spiritual life, above relationships, even above your own fulfillment.

Your “burning desire” should not be to get filthy, stinking rich. It needs to go beyond that, or when the going gets tough, you’ll quit. Ask yourself this question, “What do I want the money for?”

Or, maybe as we look at this first of the ten steps to MLM success, we need to, at first, phrase the question like this: “What do I want the money for?”

It’s great if you see that your husband hates his job and you want to help him change his circumstances. But wanting to build an MLM business to earn enough money so that he can quit his job is not going to be a strong enough desire. When it comes down to it, that’s your husband’s problem, not yours.

What is it that you really want to do, which requires more money than you have, or think you can obtain within the next several years? What thing is “burning” within you to get accomplished?

  • Set up a large fund for needy children
  • Pay cash for a hospital in a developing nation
  • Travel to every single continent in the world, and teach people (either by book, blog, or video) what you learn
  • Put your kids through college
  • Put yourself through college
  • Pay off all your debts
  • Quit a job that is killing your morale (such as a debt collector)
  • Quit your day job so that you have time to volunteer in work you love

You get the picture. You need to get a dream, a dream that is your own, and then a burning desire to achieve it.

Get this first step of the ten steps to MLM success down, and immediately you will be doing better than 80% of the people who start an MLM business. Step two coming up next!

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