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The Ten Steps To MLM Success, Step Nine

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You could say that all the ten steps to MLM success are important. But the step we’re going to look at in this post, the ninth step, is one that a lot of network marketers mess up. That step is: Help the people you sponsor to sponsor some people.


I am sorry to say that a lot of people get into the MLM industry because they want to make as much money as they can, as fast as they can. So they focus on hard-selling people on the opportunity. This might get more people to sign up, and get them making more quick-start bonuses than other distributors, but it won’t get them a large residual income.

Why not? First of all, most of the people they sponsor will inevitably leave, because they really didn’t want to join. Second of all, this greedy distributor has eyes only for instant cash. He isn’t going to want to try to help the people he sponsored.


I recently heard that most of the top business-builders in the industry have a hard time explaining their formula for success. Likely as not, they are extroverted people with a gift for entrepreneurship, and just do what comes naturally without taking much thought about it.

Then there are newbies who end up with a friend or family who signs up before they have any clue about what it takes to build a successful business. The person may have signed up because of their close relationship, and didn’t have to think a lot about it. But that’s not how it will be most of the time.

Wrong strategies

There are several online systems available that are supposed to help you to build your network marketing business. But they don’t really help you with this ninth of the ten steps to MLM success. Instead, they make you waste several hundred dollars a year to do affiliate marketing. Oh, and, by the way, some of these people that get on your list in our system might end up becoming business partners with you – but it’s a snowball’s chance in the Sahara desert compared to you leveraging the relationships you already have.

So, how do you sponsor new people?

There are several ways to go about it. One is the old-fashioned way: talk belly-to-belly and show interested people the opportunity video. Or throw a few home parties and focus on the product, asking those who order if they are interested in getting their product for free.

You can blog and set up a list, through which you then develop a relationship with your subscribers by providing them with helpful content and gently talking about your product or opportunity every so often.

Even more powerful and effective is using Facebook correctly. An awesome resource to help you do so is Rocket Sponsoring, my FREE e-book you get by filling out the form in the sidebar.

When you learn the effective ways of sponsoring new partners, then you can transfer that knowledge to them, and be there as much as you can to support their initial efforts. That is how to help the people you sponsor to sponsor some people.

Of all the ten steps to MLM success, this is the one that can be most slippery. Of course, not for you anymore. Because now you know, right?

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