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The Ten Steps To MLM Success, Step Four

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Continuing this series about the ten steps to MLM success, I want to touch on the step that can be tricky to follow if you are trying to build your business while working a day job. It can even be tricky if you’re not working a day job.

That step is: Be consistent.

How can you work consistently on your business when you have a family and every day brings on new challenges? Or if you have a job that sucks away all your energy until you have none left by six p.m.?

If you have done the first step of the ten steps to MLM success – if you have figured out your dream, and developed a burning desire to achieve it – you will figure out how to be consistent, regardless of the circumstances.

The best tool for consistence

If you struggle with working on your business consistently, you need a written schedule. If you are a self-disciplined person who does well at achieving goals, you need a written schedule.

How to create a schedule

First, determine a realistic number of hours you can work the business each week. Five is a minimum; ten is more reasonable if you’re aiming for a four-figure checks within your first three years.

Next, spread those hours out over the week. Finally, give each hour a task, or group of tasks.

Your tasks should include time for the following:

  1. Home parties, if you plan to give them;
  2. Online marketing: blogging, social media, forum participation, publishing videos to YouTube, and so on – list each Internet Marketing task individually on your schedule;
  3. Calling and e-mailing prospects and members of your downline;
  4. Reading material to improve your marketing skills (whether you’re a newbie or not); and
  5. Participating in the company’s weekly conference calls, and/or listening to archived calls/webinars/etc.

How to stick to your schedule

This last point related to the fourth of the ten steps to MLM success is where the rubber meets the road. You can write schedules until you’re blue in the face, but they won’t do a thing for you if you don’t follow them.

If you have a family, explain that you cannot be disturbed during your MLM business hours. If you are married and don’t have children, or are going to work on your business after the kids are in bed, ask your spouse to be very stern in helping you to adhere to your schedule.

If you’re single, you may have to resort to bribing yourself to get your daily work done.

No matter your marital status, you would do well to keep one day, or at least half a day, free. When you are tempted to blow off your work any of the other days, remind yourself that you will have to make up the time on your day off if you don’t buckle down and get to it.


“Be consistent” is not the sexiest of the ten steps to MLM success. But if you are serious about growing a large residual income check, you need to make it as important as the others.

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