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The Ten Steps To MLM Success, Step Five

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Of all the ten steps to MLM success, the one that I have arbitrarily listed in spot number five is the one that will make you or break you. It is the reason the MLM industry has such an abysmal drop-out rate.

You might be able to guess it: Be persistent.

What is persistence? Persistence is continuing to take action even when obstacles arise. Persistence is keeping the vision in front of you, and believing that if you just work consistently for a long enough period of time, your efforts will pay off.

To be persistent is to be a “tough guy”: When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

The truth about business start-ups

Most businesses, network marketing included, don’t break a profit for three to five years. I have personally found that to be true. I started my online marketing efforts in 2009, and it wasn’t until 2012 that I started breaking a profit most months – and that not a large one.

And the thing about network marketing is that many people join because they get excited about the income potential, but when they discover how much work and time it takes to get that income, they give up. What with a day job and families, they don’t need another thing to stress over.

Persistence pays off.

To help you do better than most at adhering to this fifth of the ten steps to MLM success, may I offer you a few bits of inspiration.

First one: Several years ago, I met a Shaklee distributor who was making six figures. Want to know how long it took her to get there?

Ten years.

There is a millionaire woman in a completely different company who started out extremely shy, and for six months did nothing with her business. But she had a dream that burned inside her, and realized that she was going to have to act if she was going to see the vision come to fruition.

She began, then persisted, despite how difficult it was for her at the first. From what I recall, it didn’t take her long to grow a four-, then five-figure monthly income. I believe she is up to six figures monthly now.

In yet another well-established company, I heard of a man who was making five figures a month after about two years of working.

How did all these people accomplish what they have? Persistence.

By the way, I can’t speak for the Shaklee lady, but the others most certainly did not join when the company was young. You can make tons of money as an MLM newbie, no matter how old the company is.


Determine today to be persistent. Remember, this of all the ten steps of MLM success will make the difference between you becoming a drop-out statistic or a millionaire.

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