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The Ten Steps To MLM Success, Step Eight

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In the last of the ten steps to MLM success, we looked at an obvious necessity to building your business, but one that nevertheless some would-be millionaires ignore. That is, share the product and the opportunity.

But sharing isn’t enough. Once you share it, you need to follow through with the prospect. So step nine of the ten steps to MLM success is to follow through and follow up.

Follow through

To follow through actually comes before the sharing step. It means that if you set an appointment with someone, you keep it. If you have written down someone’s name to lend the opportunity DVD to, you make sure you do so when their time comes. In other words, follow through on your business-building plan. Don’t chicken out.

Follow up

When you follow up, you don’t leave people hanging. You do your best to close the sale, as it were. When you share a link to an online video with a friend, you call them after a reasonable interval and ask what they thought about it. When you have someone contact you through your blog saying that they’re interested in your business, you call them as soon as possible. If you share the opportunity with someone in person and they tell you they’ll be ready with a decision in three days, call them exactly three days later.

Following through and following up can be the scariest part of the business for a beginner at network marketing – even if the person calls or e-mails you, saying they’ve seen the opportunity video and want to join with you.

But if you miss this eighth step of the ten steps to MLM success, you will miss out, period. To build an active organization, you have to ask people to make a decision about the product or business.

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