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Seven Online Marketing Tips For Network Marketers

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Online marketing consists of a skill set that can be learned by anyone; however, there is a learning curve, and even intermediate marketers can get frustrated when they come against obstacles. When you are using Internet marketing to generate leads for your business, your frustration could double because you want to make your initial investment back as soon as possible.

Therefore I offer you the following seven online marketing tips for network marketers.

1. Choose one system, and take the time to learn it.

What do I mean by system? Do I mean those expensive services that are supposed to help you build your business on autopilot, without ever talking to anyone?

No. By “system” I simply mean a set way that you direct prospects through your marketing funnel. One system is by setting up a blog with a lead capture page, then using videos and forum participation to attract people to that page to sign up to your e-mail list.

Another system is a way to build relationships on Facebook, and then approach individuals that you have come to know with your products or opportunity.

Pick one system, and focus on that one until it is getting you results. Then and only then should you add another system. Otherwise you will lose focus and likely not prosper in your business.

2. Take action.

Many people who sign up with an MLM company do so out of sheer excitement for the residual income potential. But when the initial excitement dies down and they’re faced with the fact that they have to do something in order to earn their money, they get intimidated.

The good news is, if you have chosen a system, taking action is relatively easy. You know what is needed for the system to work.

The bad news is, even so, some people will not take action – at least, not long term. They will blog three times a week for a month and then wonder why they’re not getting over a thousand visitors a day yet, decide it’s not working, and quit blogging.

They approach a Facebook friend after with the business opportunity after building a relationship with her for the past six months, and she says no. So they quit using Facebook as a marketing tool.

You have to take action, and keep taking action.


3. Learn to write sales copy.

This online marketing tip is easy for network marketers to ignore. Why should they learn how to do this when they are simply going to send people to a business opportunity video?

First of all, you will probably be generating leads via an e-mail list. More people will sign up if you write good copy to convince them to. Second of all, at some point in your list you may gently urge them to check out a product you have created that solves some problem or other. Unless you have hundreds or thousands of dollars lying around to pay a professional copywriter to do the job, you will need to know how to write the sales page copy yourself.

What if you are only going to build via Social Media? The fact is, even if you choose to build your business with Facebook, you may have a link in your signature to your lead capture page. At least for that page, you want to know how to get someone’s attention, keep them reading, and take the action that you want them to take.

This requires some skill, but nothing a high school educated person cannot learn.

4. Learn to write articles quickly.

A free and relatively easy way to drive traffic to your website is to submit articles to article directories such as ezinearticles.com and articlesnatch.com. However, it takes regular publishing of quality articles to get just a small amount of traffic via that route. So you need to be able to write them quickly.

How? First, do a search for “free article templates” and download whatever you will find. A template helps you to formula-write, you might say.

Second, write, write, and write some more. It takes practice for most people to be able to write 400 words in a half hour, but it is possible. Many people find they can write that much in fifteen minutes, even less if they really know the topic and have a certain template down.

Jimmy Brown, one of the pioneers in Internet Marketing, has some excellent information to help you get more efficient at writing, included in his awesomely affordable course. Click here to read more about it.

5. Remember to relate.

This online marketing tip is lost by your typical Internet marketer. But you’re not typical. You don’t want just the next sale; you want that sale to add up to a generous residual income in the next few years.

So you need to relate. Have a contact page that requires a phone number, and call people who contact you. Definitely call anyone who is interested in your business opportunity – don’t just e-mail them back.

And when someone hits “reply” to one of your autoresponders, answer their question or comment as soon as you can.

6. Create value.

If your system is Facebook, write posts that will help people. If you blog, write articles that go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to word count and content. The freebie that you give away should be longer than ten pages, and packed with helpful information.

7. Create a schedule.

Most people who try to do online marketing are also working a day job. Write down when you are going to do each business-related task; e.g., 7:00-7:30 you write and publish and article to an article directory; 7:30-8:00 you write a blog post; 8:00-8:30 you participate on Facebook.

Those seven online marketing tips will take you far in building a successful MLM business. So go out and get marketing!

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