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LiveSmart 360 Distributors: Not Receiving Commissions?

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LiveSmart 360 distributors: not receiving your commission checks? I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. And such a good product line! I’ve checked it out, and – being an incredibly picky health nut – was impressed by what LiveSmart carries.

Word is that there’s been some turmoil in corporate headquarters, some stormy transition of leadership, along with some key people leaving.

Whether the problem is financial or legal (my guess is there are problems in both areas going on), what it boils down to is that you, as a LiveSmart distributor, are being screwed.

You have three options. First, you can drop out of MLM altogether and be one of those anti-MLM evangelists who tells everyone how horrible the industry is.

But is it, really? The majority of owed commissions in the majority of MLM companies were paid out last month. In addition, there are plenty of companies where all is well in corporate, and all will continue to be well. Many companies bend over backwards to help their distributors to succeed.

Besides, where else are you going to go to develop a residual income that gives you such time, work, and financial leverage? No where! You can choose the first option if you want, but I would discourage it.

Your second option is to wait it out and hope that LiveSmart 360 Corporate gets their stuff together, and fast. This may or may not happen. The truth is, some MLM companies, even those that have passed the precarious three-year mark, fold under, leaving thousands upon thousands of distributors in the lurch.

The very first company I belonged to went bankrupt a year after I left it (which was two years after I joined) – and the president of that company constantly boasted that “We’re over fifteen years old; we’re not going anywhere!”

I’m not trying to scare you, I just want you to proceed carefully with your eyes wide open should you choose the second option.

Your third option – which, of course, could be exercised along with the second option – is to join another network marketing company. If you’re a LiveSmart 360 distributor not receiving your commission payout, you want to make sure that you join a company that

  1.  Is religious about staying compliant with all the laws surrounding the direct sales industry;
  2. Carries absolutely no debt and is always able to pay its distributors; and
  3. Has corporate leaders that are professional, dedicated, and get along with each other.

If you choose option three, I invite you to look at the company I am a part of. It is a wellness company that meets all three of the above criteria. Furthermore, you cannot find products any more pure or effective – no, not even in the LiveSmart line – than this company carries.

The best part of all is that while the company is six years old (as of 2015), it recently revamped its compensation plan to include a Sharing Matrix. The Sharing Matrix allows Sharing Partners (distributors) to earn a residual income from everyone in the company who chooses to participate in the matrix.

Did you get that? This income comes not only from your personal efforts, but from the efforts of everyone else who chooses to qualify for the matrix – even if the others are not part of your downline.

And since the Sharing Matrix is brand-new, and the company isn’t very old, there are only a few hundred people in that Matrix right now (there are many other Sharing Partners who are, for the moment, choosing to qualify only for the Unilevel Bonus, which I’ll get to in a moment).

In essence, if you join the company and choose to qualify for the Sharing Matrix bonus, you are basically getting in on a ground-floor opportunity. But the company is both financially and legally solid!

How do you qualify for a Sharing Matrix bonus? Simply spend 100PV a month (around $160), and have three other personally sponsored Sharing Partners who are actively qualifying for the Sharing Matrix.

The Sharing Matrix is a 3-by-5, but your income is not limited. Oh, no. Because every time you get three more personally sponsored qualifying Sharing Partners in the Sharing Matrix, you get another spot in the  matrix – another 3-by-5. And this can happen over and over and over. The income potential is, unlike in some companies, truly unlimited.

Then there is the Unilevel Bonus. This, too, goes five levels deep. However, the top level is unlimited – and you only need to spend 40PV a month (around $65) to qualify for this bonus. So your income level with this matrix is also unlimited.

If this all sounds good to you, click here to contact me and let me know that you want more information about my opportunity. I will send you links to videos and blog posts that will tell you a lot more about both the product line and the compensation plan – including  how you can qualify to earn bonuses from both the Unilevel and Sharing Matrices.

LiveSmart 360 distributors who are not getting their commissions, take heart! There are options, and most companies out there will pay you what you are owed.

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