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How To Do Build Your Business With Facebook

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How can you build a network marketing business with Facebook? In a previous post, I mentioned reasons that using Social Media marketing shouldn’t be your only business-building strategy. However, many network marketers are building large downlines thanks to Facebook, and if you have run out of personal friends and family to talk to, that site is the best place to grow your warm market.

Why Facebook?


Billions of people use the site every day. It’s easy to find new people with whom to make friends – Facebook makes suggestions for you, for one thing! If your company is global, you can even make friends with people on the other side of the world.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to build your business using Facebook. In this post, I am going to summarize the one wrong way and three right ways. Then in subsequent posts I will detail each one. Sound good?

The wrong way to build an MLM business with Facebook

There are actually two variations on the wrong way.

**1. You join a company. You immediately post and/or message your existing friends something like this:

“Hey, everybody! I just joined this awesome company that’s going to help me quit my job within the next three years! You can do it, too! Visit this link [http://you.yourcompany.com/opportunity] and let me know when you’re ready to sign up!

**2. You add a perfect stranger as a friend. As soon as they confirm, you send them a similar message as in number one.

The right ways to use Facebook marketing for your business

There are three right ways, two leading with the product and one leading with the opportunity. When you use any of these ways, always start with your existing Facebook friends. If they have specifically told you they don’t want to do MLM, respect them and do not personally message them about either your products or opportunity.

**1. You join a company. You post something like, “You guys know how picky I am about what I put on my body. Well, I just found this great company that only has natural, organic ingredients in the skin care products. Please message or call me if you’d like to try a sample.” A week or two after this post, start messaging five to ten people a day with a similar statement.

**2. You join a company and plan a party to share the products. You post something like, “Hey, everybody! I’m hosting a Chocolate Happy Hour next Friday at six o’clock. Lots of organic chocolate and chocolate smoothie samples! Who wants to come?” Message your local friends something similar.

**3. You join a company. In the evening, when most people visit Facebook, chat with a few of your friends. Ask them if they would be open to watching a video about what you just started doing to earn extra income in a way that doesn’t interfere with your day job.

Expanding your warm market on Facebook

Once you have contacted and gotten responses from your existing Facebook friends, what do you do? Start randomly adding friends as the site suggests them to you?

This could work, but once I did this and one of the people reported me. Although we had a mutual friend on Facebook, I didn’t personally know the FF and the mutual friend didn’t know me from Adam. So that method can get you into trouble. Get reported too many times, and FB will block you from adding friends.

There are two right ways to add friends whom you don’t personally know. First, join groups whose interests are related to the product line of your company (or personal finance groups). When you have interacted positively a few times with another person in the group, send a friend request.

The second way is to pick a few people that FB suggests to add as friends, or to do a search (such as a certain career or people who are from your hometown or went to your high school). Follow them for a while, liking and commenting on their posts. Once they reply positively to a comment you’ve made, then and ONLY then send a friend request.

If you want to build your network marketing business with Facebook, there is a definite wrong way to do it. Since so many newbies in the industry are choosing that way, stand out from the crowd and do it one of the right ways listed above.

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