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Build Your MLM Business With A Blog

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Most network marketers give up on their business before they ever begin to make a profit. There are several reasons for this, but one of the big ones is that meeting the monthly product quota eventually becomes painful to their bank account.

And many people aren’t just purchasing product for themselves. They are spending money on advertising, online and offline, as well as for product samples to share with prospects.

It takes most people a while to sponsor enough people to build an organization large enough to begin to receive a commission check that is just barely enough to cover their monthly business expenses, let alone to replace their day job income. But they don’t feel they can afford to continue on with those monthly expenses long enough to build an organization.

It’s a catch-22, and chances are you’re facing the same situation. You need to sponsor people and help them sponsor people before you can start making a decent commission check. But you don’t have the extra money to tide you over for those one, two, even five years it’s going to take for you to get to that point.

Enter blogging.

BEFORE WE GO ON…I want to let you know that many of the links that follow are affiliate links. When you make a purchase through one of these links, you do not pay any more than what you would have by using a non-affiliate link.

Would you do me a favor? If you find the information on this page (or this blog in general) valuable to you, thank me by choosing to click through these affiliate links to make a purchase. TIA, and one day, someone will do the same for you. 🙂

And now, onto network marketing blogs…

Using a blog to finance your MLM business

There are several reasons that a network marketer should consider blogging.

  1. You can usually get a blog into profit much more quickly than you can your network marketing business.
  2. A blog doubles as a great attraction marketing tool which will bring new prospects to you, rather than you having to go after them.
  3. A blog can be used as your primary business-building tool, freeing up your time.
  4. A blog is inexpensive.

Let’s look at that last point in detail, since you’re probably already spending more money than you want to on your network marketing business. Monthly webhosting can be as low as $4 per month, and doesn’t generally go above $6 per month (if you run into a webhosting company that costs more than that, keep running). An e-mail marketing service will run you another $20 a month.

That’s a total of maybe $25 a month to maintain a blog.

How to set up a blog

Setting up a blog today is much easier than it was back in 2009, when I first started blogging. First, you need paid webhosting.

I recommend Green Geeks. The reason is that they not only have awesome customer/tech service, but also they purchase wind credits to make up for the company’s energy usage.

If this is your first blog, one domain name will be included with your webhosting account at no extra charge. Purchase subsequent domain names at a place like godaddy.com. The most effective and efficient business decision would be to use this blog, at least in part, to build your MLM business. In that case, your name should be part of the URL. If your name is John Smith and someone else already owns johnsmith.com, you might choose something like workwithjohnsmith.com or johnsmithblog.com.

The first time you purchase webhosting, you can usually get a great deal if you pay in advance for two or three years. If you can spare the extra $120-$150 dollars, I recommend it.

Once you have purchased webhosting, install a WordPress blog. The video below explains the one way to install WordPress, and below that are text instructions for another way. I will do my best to keep this page updated when it becomes even easier to install a blog on your domain.

After getting into your cpanel, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page (at least, that’s how it is for GreenGeeks; I’m just assuming the cpanels of the other webhosts will look similar) and look for the WordPress icon, with the actual word underneath. Click on that.

A page will open up where you install the WordPress blog onto a domain name. Read it carefully, and follow the instructions. If this is your very first time dealing with a cpanel, you may need to call technical support to walk you through the process.

Be sure you write down the login information you input on the page – send yourself an e-mail, or something. Also, as you fill in all the blanks on the page to install WordPress you will be given several options, four of which I recommend that you take. The first is to enable WP to automatically update whenever there’s an update. Right below it is an option to enable automatic updating of plugins. Select these features – the more you can automate your business, the more free time you have!

Next is to have the system automatically back up your data every so often. This is a smart thing to do in case somebody hacks into your account and erases everything. This hardly ever happens, but this is your business, possibly your living, we’re talking about. Play it safe.

The fourth is to select the plugin that protects your login form (something like “Login Lockdown”). Every so often, hackers will come along and use bots to try to login to people’s WP blogs. When you install and activate the locking plugin, it will “lock down” your login form for a certain period of time (the default is twenty minutes) if somebody fills it in with incorrect information a certain number of times (the default is four times). This makes the bot give up.

The down side to using this plugin is that you can lock yourself out, too! It happened to me once, because I had something like six blogs going at one time and they didn’t all have the same password and I kept putting in the wrong password. Yes, it was annoying, but that’s why I told you to write down you login info somewhere. 😉

Starting an e-mail list

Yes, you must have an e-mail list. I know, I know, it’s an extra $20 a month. But what they say is true: the money is in the list. People cannot come to know, like, and trust you if you are not communicating with them on a regular basis. And you can’t count on Social Media, for two reasons. Number one, you do not own those sites. But your prospect/customer base you build with an e-mail list is your own. Number two, the people you are connected with on Social Media are not necessarily going to see your messages with any frequency, because they are connected to so many other people.

So you need to set up an e-mail list. I strongly recommend Aweber. Of all the other choices, they provide the best customer service and have the most user-friendly interface. They also have step-by-step tutorials for newbies. You can set up as many lists as you want for the same monthly fee.

Once your e-mail list is set up for your network marketing blog, the question is how to get people to subscribe to it. The answer: offer a valuable freebie. Offer a ten- to thirty-page free report or e-book or a short series of videos, or a free mini-course on a topic that solves a common problem for your target audience.

You want to e-mail your subscribers about once a week to remind them of your existence, and to continue to provide them with valuable content so that they will come to know, like, and trust you. When they do, they will be a lot more open to hearing about your business opportunity or products.

The question after that is:

How do I get visitors to my blog?

I discuss marketing extensively in my e-book, The 8-4-2 Business-Building System. Another great resource, if you are brand new to the world of Internet Marketing, is Blog Traffic For Beginners.

But the question you really want answered is:

How do I make money with my blog?

  1. Adsense. This would probably be a very small percentage of your income, and most network marketers avoiding using it on their primary biz-building blogs because the ads are distracting and bring in so little income.
  2. Sponsored ads. Once your blog is getting several thousand visitors per month, you’ll probably be able to find other bloggers or eBay store owners or the like who would be willing to pay you a fee for taking up space in your sidebar or header with an ad linking to their site.
  3. Affiliate marketing. This is the way to go if you want to make a large income for very little work. You sign up to be an affiliate to promote other people’s products, then mention them every once in a while in a blog post along with your affiliate link. When someone clicks through the link to buy, you make a percentage of the sale. Rosalind Gardner’s book, The Super-Affiliate Handbook, has been around for a while but IMHO is still the best resource around for learning how to do this right.
  4. Sell your own digital products. Write a value-packed e-book or course and sell it through your blog.

There are a couple of other ways to make money with your network marketing blog, but these are the simplest.

The two best systems that teach you to make money online (for network marketing or otherwise)

Two different guys have come up with somewhat different, but equally effective, systems for making money with your MLM blog. Yaro Starak offers a Mastermind course that includes a lot of coaching. But his free e-book is packed with more than enough information to get you started. Click here to download it.

Jimmy Brown, a pioneer in Internet Marketing, offers a very affordable course that teaches you the system that he has used during the past decade and a half to make millions of dollars. Click here to check it out.

All that to say…

When you set up a blog and follow the steps to monetizing and driving traffic to it, you are likely to begin earning enough money in six months to a year that to offset your network marketing business expenses.

My e-book, The 8-4-2 Business-Building System not only goes into more detail about everything I talked about above, but also details the eight steps to MLM success that, when followed to the letter, will lead you to success in network marketing. In addition, the e-book explains how to run successful (and profitable) home parties as well as how to follow up and have phone conversation with your prospects.

Click here to purchase your copy of the e-book.

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