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Blogging For Network Marketing: Is It Worth It?

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Does blogging for network marketing still work? With all the bru-ha-ha going around lately about Social Media, some experts are saying that blogging is passé and won’t get you the near the results that Social Media will with attraction marketing.

If you leverage the Social Media sites such as Facebook and YouTube correctly, this may be true. But does that mean that you should totally give up on blogging?


All the top guns have a blog.

The fact is, most of the top earners in MLM have a blog. Why?

People don’t want to join a company. They want to partner with a friend.

When people come to your blog and learn something from you, they start to trust you. If they keep coming back – and some will – they come to think of you as a friend, even though they’ve never met you.

So one reason to do blogging for network marketing is to build relationships with people you would otherwise never meet elsewhere.

Another reason the top dogs have a blog is that it provides a place to share their expertise and sell their own digital products that help less experienced network marketers.

Facebook is great, but…

With all the network marketers using Facebook to build their businesses, don’t you think it’s getting a little noisy over there? What I mean is, there have been a lot of people shown opportunity videos or offered product samples…and said no.

And will keep saying no.

Others have been lambasted by newbies in the business who friended them and immediately pitched their business opportunity. So there is a growing group of people who have become wary of Facebook-friending anybody they don’t know.

I’m not saying this to say that you can’t build a business using Facebook; many people are, and you can, too. However, when you blog, the people that land on your site are people who want what you’ve got – or at least, something related. You haven’t had to go to them and try to get to know them in order for them to get interested in you.

And you don’t risk a Social Media site blocking you from adding more friends because somebody reported you.

Yes, a blog is worth having.

Blogging for network marketing isn’t the fastest way to build a business, and should not be your only marketing tool. But I believe it can help you along, and bring you prospects you probably would never have met through Social Media. It can also help you make extra money – good extra money – while you work toward that much-desired residual income. Click here for a free guide on how to get started.

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