In the previous post about the best MLM compensation plans, I noted that objectively speaking, such a plan would have true unlimited income potential. A few do; most do not.

I also implied that just because a pay structure does not have unlimited income potential, is not a reason to dismiss the company or program altogether. In this post, I want to bring out the several other qualities besides a compensation plan that can make a network marketing company “tops” in your eyes.

  1. A unique product or service. Especially if you highly value the product or service, and can see how others would find it highly valuable, you might consider this aspect more important than the pay plan.
  2. Hands-off, free training. In many companies, you as the sponsor are expected to train your team. In others, you have to pay for the training. How about a company that provides all of its training for free, dripped via e-mail on a regular basis to your team members so you don’t have to do any hand-holding, or what I call “MLM babysitting”? Having to do less work certainly makes up for a good-but-not-best MLM compensation plan.
  3. No recruiting required. The service itself may be in such high demand that most people who see the opportunity eventually decide to try it out. And/or, the company makes a way for you to “show the opportunity” without ever having to talk to a single person.
  4. Affordable monthly commission qualification. With most network marketing companies, you have to spend between $100 and $200 every month to qualify for commissions. That makes the system a hard sell for a lot of people. But what if the monthly expenditure is under $20? Ah, now we’re talking a much easier sell.

Sometimes, the best MLM compensation plans have to do more with the amount of work and financial risk it takes to build a business, than to have true “unlimited income potential.” If you are interested in looking at a program that has all the above qualities – plus a monthly income potential that goes all the way up to over $88,000 (that’s every single month, people!), click here now.

P.S. – Once you watch the video on that page, you will wonder if it is working for me, the author of this post. Yes, it is. I am getting more traffic and leads to my websites, since I started with this program. I won’t promote something that is a complete dud.

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If you are brand new to network marketing, “How much money do YOU make?” is the worst question a prospect can give. You know if you reply, “Nothing, yet. I just got started,” the prospect will either just walk away laughing, or say, “Well, let me know when you’re making X amount of dollars a month.”

I have heard other people suggest answering with, “How much of MY money do you have access to each month?” to then make the point that the prospect has access to none of it, so it doesn’t matter to them how much you make. Or, you respond back something like, “Your question should really be, ‘What are you doing to make the amount of money you make?’” to make the point that you won’t make anything if you don’t do anything.

But let’s face it: smart people will see such answers as either avoidance or manipulation, and rightly so – because they are! And they will figure out, without you telling them, that you probably are making little to nothing.

If you have never made a dime in network marketing, you need to talk to prospects with your sponsor or upline until you do. That way, you won’t have to address that question – or any other – because your upline will handle all the objections.

In the next post, I will talk about how to address that question if you have made some money, but not enough to impress people with. In the meantime, would you be interested in an opportunity where you will never have to answer that – or any other – objection? You can give the business a test drive for two weeks for one measly dollar. Click here to check it out.

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